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Music Under the Moss is a house concert that occurs twice a year in Panama City, Florida. We mostly feature artists in the folk music genre, but pretty much anything in the Americana category is going to get serious consideration.

A house concert is a way for smaller artists to play to audiences around the country and not have to rely upon the traditional clubs, pubs and concert halls. At our house concert, the performer gets 100% of the ticket and merchandise sales. We offer up room and board for free as well. This means the only expense the artist should incur is transportation to and from our house. It's a great way for an artist to get heard by an audience that will listen and appreciate their art.

Since we only do two house concerts a year, we do not accept submissions for potential house concert artists. We have enough artists we've seen live to keep us booked for years to come. The best chance of getting booked by us is for us to see you live. We're always looking to see more live artists of folk, blues, bluegrass, etc.

This website features our upcoming house concert, past concerts, and other odds and ends. Thanks for visiting!

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